SouthEast Linux Fest 2024

Submit a talk or event to SELF 2024!

SELF's content comes from our community. Anyone with knowledge to share and a desire to communicate well can add to the magic.

This year's most sought-after topics are emerging technologies, privacy & security, scaling FOSS-based solutions, Linux & FOSS basics, and FOSS @Home (home automation and hobby projects). We're also open to interesting FOSS we haven't thought of yet.

There are three types of sessions:
- Talks are the default session type. These are 50 minute demos, presentations, or panels.
- BoFs, or Birds of a Feather are organized gatherings and round tables meant for group discussion rather than a one-to-many presentation.
- Workshops and Events are anything that doesn't clearly fit in those categories.

The submission process is pretty simple. The most important parts are your session description, type of session, and abstract. Don't overthink track selection: we'll fix it if you get it wrong, or if the track layout changes after we see submissions.

There's also a box to check for "speaker support". Please use it if you are a first time or inexperienced speaker! You will have an opportunity for learning and feedback from a speaker mentor to help make your presentation great.

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-03-08 23:59 (EST5EDT).